Photography really caught my attention when my sister Peyton, nearing her end of middle school and my beginning, was able to set up a color 35mm darkroom in a disused bathroom. I loved the pitch-black room, the gear, the smells, and the magic where something seemed to appear out of nothing, right there in front of my eyes, as the paper swam around in the chemicals. I stuck my foot in and out of photography for years afterwards in high-school classes, or among mentors in college and afterwards.
In the mid 90's I lived in Deep Ellum (Dallas) Texas. It was a thriving arts community, the closest you could get to "urban" in Texas. I was in several bands, worked at a few clubs as a bartender and/or soundman, and diligiently maintained a constant colloquy well into the wee hours with fellow musicians, artists, storytellers and other various bullshitters. We all carried around out cameras, their various Nikons and my Canon AE-1, and for a couple of years we documented the hell out or our own Deep Ellum lives and those of many around us. I was loading my own film canisters with Tri-X and T-Max, and couldn't imagine anything else.

A decade-long sojourn in to marriage, home-ownership, and day-jobbery took me away from my street life, band life, and photography. I did a little personal travel photography in places like Paris, London, Isla Mujeres, and the Galapagos Islands. But in late 2008 an opportunity to travel to Antarctica, with an incumbent obligation to photographically document the trip, dropped squarely in my lap. Through luck, the generosity of others, and some over-extended credit I was able to assemble a great little Canon pro-sumer rig in November 2008, and by the time of our departure to Antarctica I'd logged several thousand frames' worth of experience.

The experience was unparalleled, and some of the images I was able to capture send chills down my spine to this day. Since then I've aggressively pursued live band performance photography, most notably and successfully with my friends in The Gorehounds. But I've also done some portrait work, fine art nudes, interior architectural, an photojournalistic projects as well. And while I think I know where most of my talents and skills lie (you can be the judge of that yourself in this portfolio) I remain hungry for new and various projects, including those that now lie at the intersection of high-resolution still photography and HD video media.

I'm well on my way to developing my own style, but that's not as important to me as one might think. What's important is that, with an ever-higher proportion of captured images, I'm able to recapture the feeling I get when I know I've nailed it. Odds are good you'll think I've nailed it, too.

Enjoy, and I hope the work will inspire you to a great photographic collaboration, if not with me than with another of the many great photographers out there.