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Created 18-Oct-13
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2013-09-14 The Gorehounds at Trees

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Keywords:., Bikini Girls, Bikini Girls With Machine Guns, Can Your Pussy Do The Dog, Clint, Clint Phillips, Cramps, Crusher, Dallas, Deep Ellum, Drug Train, Fever, Fever, Fukt Up, Garbage Man, Goo Goo Muck, Goregirl, Goregirls, Gorehounds, Howard, Howard Kelley, Human Fly, I Cant Hardly Stand It, I Was A Teenage Werewolf, Interior, Ivy, Ivy Rorschach, JT, JT Dayton, Jeff, Jeff Dayton, Kelley, Live Music, Live Performance, Lux, Lux Interior, Muck, Music, Mystery Plane, New Kind of Kick, Performance, Phillips, Primitive, Rorschach, She Said, She Said, Spyche, TX, Tear It Up, Texas, The Cramps, The Gorehounds, The Way I Walk, Tribute, Ultra Twist, You Got Good Taste, dragabilly, most exalted, poison ivy, psychobilly, rock, rocknroll